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Selger produkter fra noen av verdens ledende produsenter av; h°yttalere, forsterkere, kabler, rack, platespillere og DAC / CD-spillere.




Elektronikk H°yttalere Kabler Platespillere Rack Lenker


Set in the heart of the Sussex countryside at the foot of the south downs SME the home of arguably the finest precision gramophone pick-up arms and turntables in the world.
To own an SME product is to possess a jewel of near perfection in both performance and construction. NEW! SME Modell 15 kr 64900.
To maintain the very high standards of quality all manufacture and processing is carried out 'in house'.

Facilities commence with design and toolmaking through all aspects of manufacturing including CNC machining, pressure die-casting, injection moulding, metal finishing, electro-plating, anodising and many other processes.

SME engineers, recognising the potential of the latest complementary equipment, accepted the challenge to design and build a pick-up arm which unlike others in existence would make no detectable sound contribution of its own. The work took almost four years and the measure of its success is the acceptance of the Series V precision pick-up arm by technical experts and users as one of the world's truly great audio products.
Magnesium Tone-arm.  Based on the multi-award winning Series V pick-up arm, the Series V-12 incorporates the same design and engineering that have made SME a byword for excellence.

Coherent musical control is held over the entire frequency range in terms of tonal quality, stability and stereo imaging. Startling dynamic range, neutrality, structurally inert, the Series V-12 embodies every worthwhile feature in a pick-up arm.

Series V sound has an almost startling dynamic range and neutrality enabling high levels to be enjoyed. It escapes the 'LP' sound and demonstrates that structural resonances in pick-up arms are responsible for much that makes vinyl records readily discernible from master tapes.
The 12 inch tone-arm is pressure die-cast in magnesium complete with an Integrated headshell to eliminate tone-arm resonances in the audio spectrum and offers a 27% reduction in maximum angular error distortion over 9 inch models.   Listening: the benefits of minimal tracking error and harmonic distortion are clearly revealed. 


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